Nitrotono, Sciagura, Norse, Vincent Epplay, Crash Normal, Zeahorse, Shiny Around The Edges, Them Teeth, Alpha Hopper, Bite, Prized Pig, Slime City, Schonwald, Chaos E.T. Sexual, Hundred In The Hands, Aigue Morte, Good Sad Happy Bad, Julain Calendar, Polemics, Oily Boys, Repetitor, Interzon, Knowso, Moon Pussy, Ploy

DAF, The Janitors, Lamps, Dale Barclay & Laura St Jude, The Yossarians, De Brassers, Monsieur Crane, Jucifer, Jesu, No Home, Black Bats, Anatrophobia, KLS, Star Feminine Band, Wulffluw XCIV, Aesop Rock, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Musicsova, Eyesore & The Jinx, Big Lad, BLACKIE, Quakers, UK Gold

Hypnodrone Ensemble, Big Scout, Copiers, Valse Noot, Tabatha Crash, Liaisons Dangereuses, A Place To Bury Strangers, Sonja Tofik, We Wild Blood, Gad Whip, Le Shat Noir, Population II, Sweaty Palms, Ono, Moon Pussy, David Shrigley and Lord Stornoway, Dog Dick Pink, Haaz, Abandoncy, Adulkt Life, Violent Quand On Aime, Pascal Comelade, White Hills

Unschooling, Static Fur, Spectres, Dope Body, Mugstar, Wisecrack, Xiao Quan, Memes, Vertical Slump, This Is The Kit, The Luxembourg Signal, The Spits, Lip Critic, Lump Hammer, Daughters Of saint Crispin, The Cowboys, Dan Sartain, Soul Mass Transit System, King Khan, B L A C K I E… All Caps, With Spaces, Atropine, Scul Hazzards, The Hammer Party, Budokan Boys, Bruch, Leizure

Black Country New Road, TV Priest, Tangled Up, Warren Schoenbright, Mange Ferraille, Thighs, Horzh, Budokan Boys, So Beast, 2 Lost Souls, The Akward Silences, Mina, Chloe Alison Escott , Ai Aso, Louis Jucker, Convulsif, Dan Melchior, William Loveday Intention , The Cherry Pies, Hoaries, Buildings

Mark Cunningham, Happy Place, Horse Lords, Kleg, Pet Peeves, Laetitia Shériff, Sinéad O’Brien, Swami John Reis, HHY & The Kampala Unit, Black Thought, Jeff Tweedy, Jessica Moss, Foxeagle, Holy Motors, USA Nails, War Tongue, Strangelight, Bathouse, Heir Traffic, Super-X

Resonnance Spinner, Sky Furrows, Bushpilot, Goyokin, Radiant, Holy Scum, Mr Sterile Assembly, Burgundy Blood, Clipping, Filmmaker, Happy Place, William Ryan Fritch, Kanji Nakao Trio, Bona Fide, Da Maybes, Ten Past Seven, Andarta, Bob Mould, Heavytrip, Fire Island Pines, Nude Model, Bruch, Optic Sink, Neon Lies

Cower, Lump Hammer, Science Man, Landowner, Wax Chattels, Singapore Sling, Cathode Ray Eyes, Lord Buffalo, Deradoorian, Mass, Haaz, Deafkids & Petbrick, Silencio, Exposé, Philip Glass & Paul Leonard Morgan, Mickaël Mottet, My Raining Stars, Lonely Walk, Holy Scum