Party Dozen, Klämp, Convulsif, Cursed Murphy Versus The Resistance, Exhalants, Die!Die!Die!, Bitter Branches, Bizon, Flender, Haus Arafna, Perc, Ganser, The Cesarians, Lucia Cadotsch, Williaml Ryan, Fritch, Maniaxxx, The Budos Band, I Like Trains, Q7 Three Times, Flohio, Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies, Trainer, Metz

Exposé, Agency, Atom Split, A Shape, Lumer, Enola Gay, Medianoche Artificial, King Bofu, Reptoid, Girls In Synthesis, Ex-Giant, Landowner, Adult, Pure Adult, Adult Fantasies, Logan Farmer, AUA, Glàss, Sleiveen Hostess, We Live In Trenches, Toots & The Maytals

The Cool Greenhouse, Nest Egg, A Shape, Shifting, Exhalants, Foxeagle, Sprain, Modern Technology, Barren Womb, Holy Tongue, Wisecrack, Wax Chattels, Fews, August Auzins, Logan Farmer, Duma, Meridian Brothers, NLF3, Tangled Up, Vex Ruffin, Damaged Bug, Silver Apples

O.B.F. & Nazamba, Protomartyr, Charnier, Cursed Murphy Versus the Resistance, Helmu Hisab, 90 (Noventa), Cãos, Tara Jane O’Neil, Naujawanan Baidar, Bailterspace, This Is Wreckage, We Wild Blood, Shy-Talk, Crocodile Boogie, Public Eye, Col, Rid Of Me, Ventura, Ils, Nazar, Tijuana Panthers, Snails, Magnetic Black, Liiek

Desperate Living, Orville Peck, Coriky, Other Half, TRVSS, Run The Jewels, Anophéli, Animatist, Ed Hall, June Of 44, City Rose, Exhalants, Executioner’s Mask, Plastic Estate, Nihiloxica, Kübler Ross, Pudeur, The Streets, Australian Idol, Pozi, Jane Of Palma, Pozi, Poutre Apparente, Black Devil Disco Club

Old Lies, Wichswut, Neon Lies, Shifting, Australian Idol, Milk Bath, Ils, The Cesarians, Pozi, Exotico, Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus, Soccer96 & Alabaster DePlume, Sly And The Family Drone, Boar God, Mini Skirt, Morwan, Civic Center, Wren, C.H.E.W. ,Parole E Azioni, Anadol, Wax Chattels, Klämp, Ennio Morricone

Blue Haired Girl, 2 Lost Souls, Sly Hand, Dirty Junk, Lassiters, Joseph Thomas Haege, Jungstötter, Hackedepicciotto, Moor Jewelry, Andrea Laszlo De Simone, Doom Shakalaka, Crash Material, Sprain, Slumberland, Twisted Ankle, Vula Viel, Le Shat Noir, Dua Saleh, Sabab, Lane, Godzilla Overkill, Deco Club, Mooncult, Tom Smith & Don Fleming

Jarred Stankiewicz, Friends Of Gas, Lithics, Blacklisters, Human Impact, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Rekhabelsah, Banish, Ex-Die, City Rose, The Tunnel, Pink Siifu, Ase Manual, Poster Boy, Gumming, Special Interest, Le Shat Noir, Bad History Month, Ed Askew, Nathan Roche, Built To Spill, Billy Nomates, Sans