Stian Westerhus, AUS, Seductive, Frau Trofea, Docents, Panikatax, Moon Pussy, Dead Bandit, Champagne Dub, Melted, 15 000 Guns, Blemishes, Squid Pisser, Kali Malone, Arvo Pärt, Råtten, Suif, Eye Flys, Brain Cave, Planet B, Angry Blackmen, Da Dee, Imperial Wax, Risk Relay, Holy Popes

Mud Brothers, Abrichten, Sundowner, Purpur Spytt, Pisse, John Francis Flynn, RNDLN, Salem Trials, W!zard, Fauna Nova, Thee Alcoholics, Police Des Moeurs, YC-CY, Meta Meat, Drive With A Dead Girl, Crave, Rx Crash, Volp, Meth, Trans Upper Egypt, Skinchanger, Under 45, Maquina

The Pheromoans, Compact Flash, Billiam, Split System, Chaser, The Tunnel, Bronson Arm, Cower, Rhys Bloodjoy, Thee Alcohoilics, No Humans, Tom Lyncoln, Harmony, Their Eyes Were Flowers, Plly, David Fenech, Or Best Offer, Kill The Thrill, Ilun, Polevaulter, VR Sex, The Albinos, Aus

Bondo, Dalès, Ghost Woman, Protomartyr, Loins, Judgitzu, Buck 65, Bloodshot Bill, Nameless Creations, Affordable Repayments, Emil Moonstone and the Anomalies, Choncy, During, Great Falls, Ruhail Qaisar, The Drin, Lolita Terrorist Sounds, Centredumonde and David Jestin, Balladur, Spacerhead, The Native Cats

All Structures Align, Sala Bestia, Black Tape, Real Farmer, Whores, Diles Que No Me Maten, Sanctuary Of Praise, Giulio Erasmus, Oscar Philéas, Scotch Rolex, Shackleton & Omutaba, ØXN, Balcanes, Klapper, Lila Ehjä, Warm Exit, Bloody Head, Kollapse, Narrow, Porcelain, Thee Alcoholics, Mont Loser

Warm Frames, Sex Beat, Sentries, Fencing, Capsuna, Gold Dime, Yossari Baby, Ladycork, F.I.N.I.T. Knowso, Bunsen, Louis Jucker & Le Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain, Tulipomania, Megrim, Formica, ØXN, Jack The Hipper, Fragile Figures, Marvin’s Revenge, Women’s Hour, Ira Glass , Mantarochen

Brown Angel, Les Voltages 8, Joy Division, Jeremy Jay, The Terminals, Love, Edging, Noir Boy George, Snuff, Gulf Blvd, Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson, Le Prince Harry, The Marine Rapper, Googoosh, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, IC3PEAK, Cool Calm Pete, Nightwatchers, Grisaille, The Cusp & Part Company

Capsuna, Luxury Appartments, Big Cream, TV Cult, Vaag, Lion Country Ferrari, Soft Shoulder, Le Brouf, Geniuser, The Lonely Bullets, Modern Nature, Bailterspace, Shitnoise, Recht Auf Rausch, Fragile Self, Amor Muere, Joe Yorke, Reverend Kristin Mickael Hayter, Chester Watson, Judas Goat, The God Eaters, Jed Arbour, Critical Energy, Dead