Water From Your Eyes, Bar Italia, Yfory, The Dog Indiana, The Psychotic Monks, Bruit Noir, White Wire, Bonnuit, Hot Face, Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru, The Gaslamp Killers Meets The Heliocentrics, Buck 65, Deena Abdelwahed, Enola Gay, Bo Gritz, Saurien, Sunrot, Daniel Blumbergs, Naked Objects, Keno, Riverhead, Möney, Protomartyr, Daggers

Melenas, DA, Pyrex, Neon Kittens, CS Cleaners, Does St, Big Break, Ativin, Xylouris White, The Poison Arrows, Opus Kink, Leizure, Foxeagle, Billy Woods & Kenny Segal, Busdriver, Nakibembe Embaire Group, Kabeaushé, Sinaïve, Living Under Drones, Asbest, Death Engine, Kosmetika

Chat Pile, Godflesh, The Tunnel, P.Music, Girls In Synthesis, Thurst, Pangar,Le Cri Du Caire, Horze, Advoids, Volk Soup, The Present Age, Mules, Ensemble 0, Maxine Funke, Hus Kingpin & Ghostface Killah & Tricky, Memorials, Zwei Null Zwei, Glas Nost, Easy Blame, Hubert Selby Jr Infants, Brunsten, Bathouse, Gli Insetti nell’Ambra, Stella Research Committee, Jabee

Slunk, Faints, Thee Alcoholics, Legss, Ved, Elephant Rifle, Intercourse, Andrea Belfi, Parasite Jazz, Sinaïve, Johnny Tchekova, Cindy, Night Court, Toxic Rites, The Kidney Flowers, Trough, Lynx, Blood Quartet, Immaterial Possession, Germ House, Exwhite, Nothingheads, Die Letzen Ecken

Harakiri, Spacerhead, Tunic, Golden Hours, Emil Moonstone and the Anomalies, Malnourishment, Aversions, Facs, Cathedrale, Aurat, This Wilderness, Yalla Miku, Nusantara Beat, Arsou, Baby Tyler, Crimeapple, Dishwasher, PÖ, Nakibembe Embaire Group, Portrayal Of Guilt, Terms, Louse, Debt Rag

Cassels, Life In Vacuum, Mast Year, Spacerhead, Nerver, Lisa O Neill, Blue Gorilla, France Sauvage, Josephine Foster, V, Ultraphallus, Party Dozen Featuring Billy Woods, Otay Onii, Silicone Values, Holiday Ghosts, Glittering Insects, Benefits, Split System, Blast Cells, Penny Rich, Ok Wait, During, Jah Shaka

Dalès, Opus Kink, Peuk, Mononegatives, Enola Gay, Sleepwell, Sleemo, Cheree, Godflesh, Froid Dub, Tzusing, Alasdair Roberts, Lankum, Thee Verduns, The Golden Boots, Suif, Loins, Chimers, Slunk, Hetta, Weaponize Chomsky, Green Aisles, Dead Art, Matt Elliott