Alexis Marshall, Abdullah Miniawy & Simo Cel, Danse Musique Rhône Alpes, Ascendant Vierge, Carriegoss,Iffernet, The True Malemort, Marie Klock, Lois Lazur, Maison Carton, Tondeuse, Axel Larsen, Panotique, Officium & Tzii, CXNCXR & Oddateee, Tamara Goukassova, Musique Chienne, Umwelt, Felix Kubin

Wet Specimen, Ghostwriter, The Flying Luttenbachers, Unsane, Baratro, Tunic, Pop1280, Amusement Machine, Bingo Fury, SecoSecoSeco, Stolen Kidneys, Searing Arrow, Sinwat, Torropiscine, Bummer, Overtime, Matisuri, Moin, Optic Nerve, Pretty Happy, Stressless, Ex Fulgur

Sweet Williams, Les Conches Velasques, Smoke Bellow, The Tunnel, Psychic Graveyard, Milieux, Suif, Yat-Kha, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Cemento, Zahn, Decor, Co-Ed, Electric Party, Nicolas Ker, Her Absence Fill The World, Ponys Auf Pump, Dag, Philary, Dominique André , Carnage, Moemaw Naedon & Calig Kontra, Wonder Fastidio

Mueran Humanos, Factice Factory, Luggage, Carpet Burn, Dale Kerrigan, Fauxchisels, Horror In Clay, Malliwild, Backspace, Ted Danson With Wolves, During, Yvette, Alexis Marshall, LVIIV, KHLMA, Blak Sagaan, De Schuurman , Fuzz & Mighty, Decoherence, Rey Sapienz & The Congo Techno Ensemble, Blu Anxxiety, Marine Todd, Karpov Not Kasparov

Lids, Leatherette, Bronson Arm, Whispering Sons, Shallow Waves, Sweaty Palms, Gong Gong Gong, CZN, Felinto, Scorn, Stand High Patrol, Veronica Vasicka, Microcorps, Vaguess, Luggage, Daughters Of St Crispin, Sordide, Niepokoje Gościnne, Pozi, Toe Ring, Soft Shoulder, Planet Asia 01 : […]

Germ House, Vaguess, Friture, Body Breaks, Cubber, Crate Digger, Bloody Head, Mira Calls, Luggage, Hanging Freud, The Cold Seeps, Ok Satan, Girls In Synthesis, Absolute Body Control, Deliluh, Last Night, Règlements, Body House, Boy With Cow, Dyr Faser, Morświn, Five Single, Penny Drop, Maria Violenza, E.R. Jurken

Sons Of Kemet, Hooshyar Khayam & Bambad Afshar, Ikoqwe, Why Bother ?, Jowe Head, José Manuel, Powerdove, Sordide, Pauwels, Pigeon, Cult Of Dom Keller, The Devils,Stilts, Muscle Vest, The Scientists, Clamm, Enola Gay, Beige Banquet, Kablé, Exek, Geoffrey Lolly, Planet Asia, Amadeezy, Rough Divine

Nerves, Pauwels, Skeletonized Quartet, Arthur Satan, Moin, Earth Girl Helen Brown, Ravioli Me Away, André Ethier, Aquarian Blood, Bloody Head, Milkilo, Wasnt Wisnt, Body Meπa, Joe Yorke & Stand High Patrol, Joe Yorke & Stand High Patrol, Babelfish, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp, Attention Le Tapis Prend Feu, Alexis Marshall, Les Baxters, Baba Roga