Ipanazar, Lower Automation, Kulk, Steal Blake, Upright Forms, Black Bubblegum, New Money, Mark Sergi, Milo Korbenski, 00_, Parallel, The Ar-Kaics, The Jonny Halifax Invocation, Moon Pussy, Machiavellian Art, Eugene Dubon, The Pink Frosts, The Shipping Forecast, Shellac, Girls In Synthesis, Vaag, Eyecandy, Eearthball, Plexi Stadt, Jagged Baptist Club, Avec Toi Dans Un Champ

Shellac, Snakey Dublay, Family Band, Objections, Spraint, Penny Drop, Almanach Man, Burnout Ostwest, Geo, Obey Cobra, Usurp Synapse, Gregor, Catherine Graindorge, Beings, Liai, Technically Not A Bird, Tendinite, Huamn Figures, Tenaille, Other Half, Cong Josie, Laurel Canyon, Billiam, Rouge

Silicone Values, Texoprint, Repairs, Mimikyu, Frustration, Hello Cosmos, Dead Finks, Low Monroe, Cranes, Dezinformacje , Le Prince Harry, Tom Bodlin, Drunk Meat, Super-X, Nerve Debt, Ragapop, Toomaj, Moor Mother, Nsasi, Curve, Toronto Blessings, Lemongrab, Pound Land

King In Yello, Loveletter, E, The Melvins, Intercourse, Practice Wife, Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice, Alain Goraguer, The Jack Cardigan Orechestra, Jess Ribeiro, Die Eitelkeit, Pôt-Pot, A Place To Bury Strangers, Taraneh, Lambrini Girls, Ronesh, Eric The Red & Illinformed, Benoit Tranchand, The Lonely Bullets, Long Hours, Alan Vega, Big Brave, Couch Slut, Favoured State, Silicone Values

Cumgirl8, The Oscillation, Dead Finks, Drahla, Night Lunch, Tickle Fight, W!zard, Wipes, Whores, Great Area, Joanna Gemma Auguri, Oscar Lindsey, Marcel Wave, Twisted Teens, Gravel Samwidge, Arrrgo, Dad’s Apartment, De Beren Gieren, Avalanche Kaito, 9T Antiope, Closed Mouth, Hainbach & Look Mum No Computer, DDR, Uncle Blender, Easy Blame, Nightbus

Lynched, Lankum, Joy Dimmers, Real Farmer, Snow Trail, Cigüeña, Zdrój, Uhm Katam, Albert Jupiter, noufān, Schatterau, Einstürzende Neubauten, Grosso Gadgetto, Armand Hammer, Tom Bodlin, Los Palms, Guiding Lights, Spraint, Kulk, Maquina, Gustaf

Gentilesky, Writhing Squares, Why Bother? AD Interim, Threat Models, Panikatax, Nerves, Family Band, Skin Signal, Morgan Garrett, Astrid Sonne, Groupe Froid, Archer Lawnmower, Dancer, Slender, My Imaginary Loves, Mont Loser, Echoplain, Mou(t)breather, Wipes, Almanach Man, NØ MAN, Soma, Bingo Fury, Latex, Der menschliche Mottek

Ze Wisenheimer, Heredera Corp, Knives, Whispering Sons, Brute Spring, Earthball, USA Nails, Chimes Of Bayonets, Nasti, Jour J Mental, Buice, Shajara Ensemble, Toechter, Wrecked Lightship, Winged Wheel, S.T.T.O, S:Bahn, Asphalt, Coilguns, Lysol, Coins Parallèles, Dad’s Apartment