Peter Winnipeg, Sue, Haunted Horses, Ben Woods, Blood, Mood Punch, Wailin Storms, Glaas, Flying Moon In Space, Civic Center, Tegh & Adel Poursamadi, Vacant Heads, Die Farce Die, Leech, Deadletter, Fiume, Venil, 208L Containers, Ribbon Stage, Balafre, Easy prey, Lo Seal, Venus Twins, Règlement, Kill Yr Boyfriend

No Knuckle, Naked Objects, Girls In Synthesis, Automotion, Lifeguard, Multicult, Doom Beach, Luster, The Doomed Bird Of Providence, Naujawan Baidar, Elastic Spatial Awareness, Kübler-Ross, The Pleasure Majenta, Public Pleasure, Miniatura, Zdrój, Computer Fight, Kulku, Earthlogoff​, Himukalt, Mourir, Doe St, Famous Logs In History, Modern Rituals

Editrix, Uhr, Muscle Vest, Schleu, Bad Breeding, Badawi, Couronne De Merde, Wu-Lu, Mark Stewart, Kot Kot, Omerta, Germ, Deca, Dion Lunadon, Sam Snictchy, Nate Cross, Mourir, Abschaum, Atsushi Izumi, Candy, Party Dozen, Welt Star, Spasi, Mesher, Strangelight

Naked Objects, Vendettas, Chat Pile, Ghost:Whale, Kollaps, No Humans, Chat Pile, Billy & The Bad Peach, Oog Bogo, Yamila, Arphaxad84, OCH, Bad-Vərb, Peace De Resistance, The Wilful Boys, Intercourse, Paint Nothing, Lotic, Badawi, Lou’s, Automatic, Science Killer

Girls In Synthesis, Péniche, Yonic, Wipes, Still/Form, Use Knife, Svvine, Opus Kink, Robocobra Quartet, Vintage Crop, Pisse, Cursed Murphy Versus Resistance, Hallan, Jai Nitai Lotus, El Camino, Oake, Geier Aus Stahl, Asylum Promises & Sci-Fi River, Careen, Les Conservatoires, Columbus Duo, Daddy’s Boy, Holy Clang, Rhabdomantic Orchestra

Bye Bye Shadow, Wailin Storms, Brëche, PLLY, Bad Breeding, Dreamcrusher, Jason Lescalleet, Aaron Dilloway, Injury Reserve, Otis G. Johnson, Doug Hream Blunt, Arthur Russell, The Shaggs, Cities Aviv, Pink Siifu, Rosa Lee Hill, Bessie Jones, Infinity Knives & Brian Ennals, David Nance, Publics

Deliluh, The Pleasure Majenta, Nuggiez, Kurws, Badge Grabber, Punching Swans, Meatwave, Jac Berrocal/Vincent Epplay/David Fenech, Wanderwelle, Roll Dan, Constant Cold War, Green Blue, Yonic, Nerver, Double AB, Jac Berrocal, Vincent Epplay, David Fenech, Geishas Of Doom, Gawjuss, Naked Lungs, Miracle Blood, Germ House, Kitchen’s Floor, Pigeon, Q-7 three times

Wailin Storms, Kal Marks, Nerver, The Midnight Ensemble, Pound Land, Bronze, Orson Hentschel, Dowser, Cola, Aggressive Soccer Moms, Sexual Jeremy, Nasty Joe, Carver, Chalk, Public Pretender, Tempêtes, Yeun Elez, Société Etrange, Limanenko, Laura Krieg,Sir Hiss, Rhabdomantic Orchestra