Old Lies, Wichswut, Neon Lies, Shifting, Australian Idol, Milk Bath, Ils, The Cesarians, Pozi, Exotico, Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus, Soccer96 & Alabaster DePlume, Sly And The Family Drone, Boar God, Mini Skirt, Morwan, Civic Center, Wren, C.H.E.W. ,Parole E Azioni, Anadol, Wax Chattels, Klämp, Ennio Morricone

Blue Haired Girl, 2 Lost Souls, Sly Hand, Dirty Junk, Lassiters, Joseph Thomas Haege, Jungstötter, Hackedepicciotto, Moor Jewelry, Andrea Laszlo De Simone, Doom Shakalaka, Crash Material, Sprain, Slumberland, Twisted Ankle, Vula Viel, Le Shat Noir, Dua Saleh, Sabab, Lane, Godzilla Overkill, Deco Club, Mooncult, Tom Smith & Don Fleming

Jarred Stankiewicz, Friends Of Gas, Lithics, Blacklisters, Human Impact, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Rekhabelsah, Banish, Ex-Die, City Rose, The Tunnel, Pink Siifu, Ase Manual, Poster Boy, Gumming, Special Interest, Le Shat Noir, Bad History Month, Ed Askew, Nathan Roche, Built To Spill, Billy Nomates, Sans

General Men, Naguals, Faucet, Penny Auction, Easy Prey, Michelle Gurevich, Aurat, Matt Elliott, Crash Material, Vintage Crop, The Cesarians, Michael, Joy-Rides, Candle, Carmine, Mammock, The Cowboy, Girls In Synthesis, Taschen Menschen, Ditz, Campari Crepuscule, Zaliva-D, Otchim, Human Impact

False Brothers, Seaxes, Manager, Tony Dork, Sonic Death, Tamar Aphek, Beret, Caroline, Rekabelsah, The Eurosuite, Cosse, Life, Hodja, Revolutionary Cells, MT Vengeance, Chouk Bwa & The Angstromers, Orville Peck, Run The Jewels, Nina Harker, Red Axes, EGOMAŠINA, Lice, Bruges

Trees Speak, The Cool Greenhouse, All Clean, Reciprocate, Vincas, Knaves, The Wants, Psychic Graveyard, Party Dozen, Les Marquises, Horse Lordsq, Gold Dime, Lawyer, Kooba Tercu, Bedtime Magic, Clang!, Bruges, Blue Ray, Seering Arrow, Officine

Ghospoet, Ka, Angel Bat Dawid, Snowy feat. Jason Williamson, Sunset Images, Eishan Ensemble & Hamed Sadeghi, City Rose, Greg Dear & Ship Mates, Einstürzende Neubauten, Raspberry Bulbs, Self Defense Family, Cable Ties, Shifting, ONO, MC Yallah & DebMaster, Memes, PeZ, Fange, Pilori, Mentira, L’Appel Du Vide, Real Farmer

The Wolfhounds, A Shape feat. Quentin Rollet, Radar Men From The Moon, Housewives, Severed Heads , Horrid Red, The Walking Korpses, Akchamel & The Giver Of illness, Sex Swing, Blóm, Parsnip, Pifco, Loc-Tite, Grabenfusss, Void Fill, Cavern Of Anti-Matter, Diles Que No Me Maten, Heads, Gaytheist, 208L Containers, Mystery Guest, Michael Gordon & The Crossing, Ghostpoet