Meatraffle, Iggy Pop, Kim Gordon, Carver, 10 000 Russos, The KVB, David J With Duende, Cop Funeral, Drive With A Dead Girl, Maalad Roy, Mnemotechnic, Seyjawa, Total Victory, Basketball Divorce Court, Big Grump, Arno, Strasbourg, Iss, Girls In Synthesis, Moodie Black


Sehribana Kurdi, High Powered Leroy, Horse Jumper Of Love, I’m Being Good, Shannon Wright, Drose, Mnemotechnic, Mata, Buriers, Facteur sauvage, 72%, Cuss, Calf, Foxtails, Edgeworth, The Sweet Release Of Death, Yellfire, Cool Flowers, Patti, Youff, Ronin

sweet williams

Black Country New Road, Cartographer, Kalergi, Airduster, Moor Mother, Happa, Flogging A Dead One Horse Town, Spray paint, Receptacles, Exoterm, Wilco, Cate Le Bon, Uniform & The Boy, The Body, Mistress Bomb H, Double Nelson, Long Distance Runner, Pierre Bastien, Fabio Viscogliosi, Sweet Williams


Orbel, Chelsea Wolfe, Child Abuse, Ogdens’, Javva, Tomaga, Dälek, Clipping, KG, Jaimie Branch, Zea, Trupa Trupa, Rank-O, Abrichten, Bulls, David Futur, Red Gaze, Lightning Bolt, Receptacles, Comrade Xero, Thank, The Pits


Filmmaker, Marquis De Sade, Marc Seberg, Philippe Pascal, Grey Hairs, Buildings, Ventura, Art Star, Repo-Man, Tropical Fuck Storm, Percolator, Black Country New Road, Frustration, Yin Yin, Amami, Moller Plesset


Rema-Rema, The Native Cats, Exek, Sorry Golden State, Echoplain, Girl Band, Cherubsn 9T Antiope, Horoscope, De Ambassade, Dead, Ceremony, Paint Thinner, Jars, Pure Adult, Daniel Johnston


Grotto Terrazza, Human Rites, Weeping Icon, Shimmer, Multicult, Not Waving & Dark Mark, Sweet Williams, Exek, Haunted Horses, Hissing Tiles, Sect, Amanda Woodward, A Certain Ratio, Jeremiah Jae & L’Orange, Trainer, Sensual World, Ventura, MTN ISL, Mick Trouble, Dreamsalon, Squid