Ghospoet, Ka, Angel Bat Dawid, Snowy feat. Jason Williamson, Sunset Images, Eishan Ensemble & Hamed Sadeghi, City Rose, Greg Dear & Ship Mates, Einstürzende Neubauten, Raspberry Bulbs, Self Defense Family, Cable Ties, Shifting, ONO, MC Yallah & DebMaster, Memes, PeZ, Fange, Pilori, Mentira, L’Appel Du Vide, Real Farmer

The Wolfhounds, A Shape feat. Quentin Rollet, Radar Men From The Moon, Housewives, Severed Heads , Horrid Red, The Walking Korpses, Akchamel & The Giver Of illness, Sex Swing, Blóm, Parsnip, Pifco, Loc-Tite, Grabenfusss, Void Fill, Cavern Of Anti-Matter, Diles Que No Me Maten, Heads, Gaytheist, 208L Containers, Mystery Guest, Michael Gordon & The Crossing, Ghostpoet

Pallets, Bushpilot, Protomartyr, Horror In Clay, Messrs, Neutrals, Penny Auction, Le Villejuif Underground , Jasss, Void Fill, Tamburi Neri, OvO, Yammerer, General Men, Aus, Rubber Blanquet, Sleepies, Body Shame, Kitchen People, Scars, Corridor People, Little Simz, DJ Lag, Factor Chandelier, Golgoth Tsunami

The Stranglers, Banish, Couch Slut, Asbestos Worker, Cup, Wailin Storms, Shepparton Airplane, Ponykamp, Dan Sartain, The Doomed Bird Of Providence, Metz, Easy Prey, Ringo Deathstarr, Xiu Xiu, Darko The Super & Steel Tipped Dove , Terms, Mammock, Ganser, Grasshopper, De Ambassade, Penelope’s Fiance, Container, Rubin Steiner

E, Insect Ark, Frankreich, Satan, Ghostbird, Paul Cary, Oscar Philéas, Silencio, Girls In Synthesis, Prefect, Liiek, Cani Sciorri, Wailin Storms, Michael Yonkers with The Blind Shake, Damaged Bug, King Dude, Unruly Girls, Kooba Tercu, Shabazz Palaces, Man Man, Voilent Scenes, Xzavier Stone, Yves Tumor, Encore

Christophe, Big Joe Williams, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Labeija, La Chasse, Oranssi Pazuzu, Bollard, Flat Worms, Dead, Human Impact, Handle, Kaspar Hauser, Al Lover, Dame Area, Autor, Campari Crépuscule, Irma Vep, Sei Still, Cisnieni, Lod9, KWK Wujek Wind Orkestra, The Done Ones, Christope

Total Victory, Toy, Baklavaa, Bloody Head, Black Fungus, Tanning Bats , Las Kellies, True Body, Billiam, Tropical Fuck Storm, UNSPKBLE, Them Airs, Zohastre, Gnod, Seb Brun, Champagne69, Rouge Gorge, Understudy, C.A.R. , Pord, Hysterie, Princess Thailand, Killdozer

Artùs, Body Lens, Gesture, Pozi, French Vanilla, Lene Lovich, Bruxa Maria, Clockcleaner, Carriegoss, Invaders, David Cronenberg’s Wife, Orville Peck , The Cowboys, The Drones, Mentrix, Usssy, Die Goldenen Zitronen, Dr Drexler Project, Bateleuse, Jackie Lynn, J.P. Shilo, Stuck, Existence, Formica, Johnny Halliday