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Quelques sorties à ne pas manquer cette année


The Ex, Extra Life, Bermuda Triangles, Magick Daggers, Grinderman, Dramamine, Flight, Gangland Buries its Down, Stegosaur, Edwyn Collins, Jethrine, Rifoki, 1000 Robota, The Body, Don Cash, TV Colours, Sudden Death of Stars, Crystal Stilts 01 : The Ex :cold weather is […]


Apollo Brown, Junip, Trentemøller, Ty Segall, Hex Dispensers, Civil Civic, Menfolk, Assassins 88, The Fatalists, Bermuda Triangles, Gangland Buries its Down, Three Mile Pilot, The Good Damn, The Ex, The Bismarck, TV Colours 01 : Apollo Brown : beauty of a […]


Interpol, Electricity in Our Homes, Extra Life, Heliogabale, The Fatalists, The Intelligence,  Lucertulas, Three Mile Pilot, Sons of Frida, ARE WEAPONS, Menfolk, Apollo Brown, Rifoki, The Swans, The Good Damn , All Leather 01 : Interpol : always malaise “st” Matador” Qu’il […]

Paul Hawkins notre coup de Fuel 2010

PLAYLIST://13/08/2010 Spéciale Liars

01 : Loose Nuts on the veladrone “They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top” Gern Blandsten 2001 02 : Tumbling walls buried me in the debris with ESG “They Threw Us All in a Trench […]

PLAYLIST://05/08/2010 Spéciale Perte et Fracas

Sons of Frida, Les Savy Fav, Ox Scapula, The Fatalists, Truth From Facts, Nu Sensae, Talk Normal, Usssy, Satanized, The Good Damn, Movie Star Junkies, Lucertulas, Logik Party, Tinsel Teeth, All Leather, The Estranged, Electricity in our Homes, Tracy Thorn