Archives mensuelles : juin 2015


Treehouse, Fews, Movie Star Junkies, Shake Shake Bolino, Frana, Ken Mode, Destruction Unit, Buzz Rodeo, L’Effondras, Biscuit Mouth, King Dude, Lord Huron, Beef Jerk, Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, Daniel Knox, Detached Objects, Strasbourg


Cinder Cone, Fleece, Buck Gooter, Wendy Atkinson, Lord Mantis, Jealousy Mountain Duo, L’Effondras, Kitchen’s Floor, Prinzhorn Dance School, Sightings, The Dance Asthmatics, Chaos Echoes, Daniel Knox, Institute, Spray Paints, Big Neck Police, Pervert Week, Smoke


Playlist : 28/05/2015

Profondo Rosso, Cannibales & Vahinés, Massicot, Danyl Jesu, Barge With An Antenna On It, Dog, Gentle Veincut, Françoiz Breut, My Sleeping Doll, Throat, Hebosagil, Biscuit Mouth, Falling Stack, The White Birch, Exposé, Sonny Vincent & Rocket From The Crypt, Nightslug, Pierre & Bastien