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Daniele Luppi, Nadah El Shazly, Ainara Legardon, Hoaries, Casual Nun, Jesus Is My Son, Dictaphone, AJ Suede & Supa Sortahuman, Bad History Month, The Body&Full Of Hell, His Electro Blue Voice, Necrodancer, Negative Space, Scul Hazzards, Trough, Life Drawings, Mother’s Love, Abschaum, Damcase, Spinning Coin, Aathens, Woodhull

Noyades/Autisti/L’Oraille Bar’Hic samedi 23 décembre


Sheik Anorak , Bruised, Together Forever, Wireheads Human Nothing, Dictaphone, Barnacles, Hinin, Tabatha Crash, Klarinetthor, Ape Not Kill Ape, White Heat, Milkilo, Deafkids, Coagul & Cadena, Patrick Cowley, Aathens, All Sparks Burn Out, Bad Aura, The Lovely Eggs, Pill, Plax, Golgoth Tsunami