Archives mensuelles : novembre 2022

PLAYLIST://24/11/2022 « Udy moi encore »

Cursed Murphy Versus Resistance, PLLY, Naked Objects, Rider/Horse, Desperate Living, Slumberland & Sainkho Namtchylak, Ništa Mars, No Tongues, Smirk, Dumb, Blacklisters, Vacuous, Crowd Of Chairs, Modecenter, Richard Dawson, Teeth, Leavings, Druids of the Gue Charette, Snake Chain, Gut Health, Novisti Kulturi

PLAYLIST://17/11/2022 « Sadove bien arriver un jour »

The Cool Greenhouse, Nothingheads, Chat Pile, Dastard, Deadpop, Ellis Swan, Salvatore Mercatante, Nappynappa & Ess Ford, Nok Cultural Ensemble, Wipes, Spacerhead, Colonial Wound, Glassing, 99 Letters, Brittle Brian, Birthmark, Cakes Da Killa, Grab, Modecenter, La Glissiere, Dick Dudley, Schwund, Crush Of Souls, Cool Sorcery, Damien Hearse

PLAYLIST://10/11/2022 « Beryslav et vous »

Dernier, Naked Objects, Vadim Verenay, Coby Sey, Cult Of The Damned, Héron Cendré, Horse Lords, Adolina, Blessed, Neon Kittens, Non Plus Temps, Ad Interim, Dastard, Dead Herring, Pound Land, Freispiel, Chouk Bwa & The Ångstromers, Rest Up, Эрзац (Ersatz), New Confusion, Mammock, Model/Actriz, Manisdron

PLAYLIST://03/11/2022 « Raspoutitsaprès nous »

Oiseaux-Tempête, Moin, Rayon, Naked Objects, Mammock, Lucrecia Dalt, Kee Avil, Cities Aviv, Marlowe, Maral, Koudlam, Chapel Ghosts, Bang Bang Band Girl, Karl Kave, Psychic Graveyard, Ellis Swan, Ameel Brecht, Neons Kittens, Guppy, Taxidharma, Fucking Lovely, Phil & The Tiles, Pretty Happy, Bones Shake