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Verdun, Mamma Pappa Barn, Ladder Devils, Chafouin, Pop 1280, Sneers, Lonely Walk, 6.RM.E. , Mistress Bomb H, Xiu Xiu, Deficit Budgetaire, Marlon Williams


Sneers, Michel Cloup Duo, F.A.T., Metz & John Reis, Spray Paint, Moral Straightjacket , Dark Blue, Spray Paint, 202 Project, Christophe, Getachew Mekuria & The Ex, Youth Code, Ugly Heroes, Dälek, Real Regular, Palehorse, Kayne West



The Renderers, Right Hand Left Hand, Disastronaut, Heads Of Charm, Dreamdecay, Mogwai, Colin Stetson, Buzz Rodeo, Spectres, Ergo, Drose, Lust For Youth, The KVB, La Pince, Humilation, Cold Pumas


Washer, Half Japanese, Barren Womb, Gigot Mazout, Heads, Ergo, Mütterlein, Pacino, Rita Mosss, Hoggs Bison, Chaman Chômeur, The Goon Sax, Useless Eaters, Russian Baths, Surge, Exploded View, Sydney 2000, Salvation, Charles Bradley


Threat.Meet.Protocol, Zëro, Peru, Bill Bondsmen, Usssy, Last Harbour, Unhappybirthday, Snowbeasts, Dookoom, Paint Thinner, Lithics, Super Thief, Cult Values, Astolfo Sulla Luna, The You & What Army Faction, Low Flying Hawks, Jealousy, Charles Bradley

Pop 1280 & Sneers & Lonely Walk mardi 26 Avril Bar’Hic