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Faust, Saitam, Enablers, Haedwax, Berline0.33, Ampere, Dead Like Me, Thurston Moore, Zann, Psykick Lyrikah , Mnttab, The Forgetters, The UFO Club, Las Kellies, Drug Mountain 01 Faust : tell the bitch to go home “Something Dirty” BureauB 2011 Quel morceau, bien […]


Enablers, Heliogabale, Berline0.33, Pord, Kourgane, Man Man, Young Team, Jesu, Las Kellies, Assassins 88, Hella, Extra Life, Betty Ford Clinic, Thee Oh Sees, Tyler The Creator, Arnaud Rebotini, Hawks, D’Austerlitz 01 : Enablers : career minded individual “Blown Realms Stalled […]


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Prosperi Buri (Fr) + The Kellies (Arg) ven/27/05/2011