Archives mensuelles : mars 2016

Spectres & We Only Said Mondo Bizarro 29 Mars 2016


Ptah, Lost Rockets, Metro Crowd, Future Of The Left, Calva, Whitney Houston’s Crypt, Lyonnais, Foster Body, Noww, Conan, Dan Sartain, The Gaa Gaas, Беседка, Natvures, Bateleuse, Heimat, Stress Position

Buzz Rodeo & Stoned Diplodocus 25 Mars 2016 au Marquis De Sade


Why + The + Wires, White Spot, The Body, Arabrot, The Conformists, Ingmar, Downers, Pere Salvatge, Miserable, Spherical Plot, Sex Scheme, Marching Church, Chevignon, Heart Beach, Threat. Meet. Protocol, Violence Conjugale, Formation Boys, Higher Authorities


And Also The Trees, Particpation, Clever, Calva, Cougar Discipline, War Hawk, DRI HIEV, Wolf Shield, The Box, Spherical Plot, Fvnerals, Jean Ferraille, Geneva Jacuzzi, Total Abuse, Tape Eater, The Goon Sax, Big Ups, Cavanaugh, Valina