Archives mensuelles : octobre 2022

PLAYLIST://27/10/2022 « Bakhmout Avec Moi »

Aus, Constant Cold War, Girls In Synthesis, Decor, Rider/Horse, Loobs, Wipes, Radiant, NZE NZE, Silencio, Duster, The Living End, The Yardleys, Artisan P, Terry Lee Hale, Opus Kink, Dead, Full Of Hell, Asbest, Trough, Ad Interim, Stuck, John, Umwelt

PLAYLIST://20/10/2022 « Bye Bye Soukhoï »

Psychiatric Metaphors, Dead Cosmetics, Girls In Synthesis, Raechel, Sweaty Palms, Headman, Ancient Methods, Upright Forms, //Less, Meal, Blacklisters, Bill Callahan, Blak Ox Orkestar, Urges, Play Dead, Kill Your Boyfriend, YHWH Nailgun, Crowd Of Chairs, At The Graves, Cama Rosa, Seaxes, Cachito Turulo, Tassel

PLAYLIST://13/10/2022 « Rostov moi plus près »

Meat Wave, Self Improvement, Gumpy, Non Plus Temps, Maria Violenza, Skitungen, Damien Hearse, Billiam, Slag Queens, Dernier, Badge Grabber, Vessel Of Iniquity, Carla Pallone, Aluminium, Humour, Sweaty Palms, Jjulius, Day Dress, Mal, Fleuves Noirs, NETN, Messaline, Qitsch, Drvg Cvltvre

PLAYLIST://06/10/2022 « Mykolaïv qui peut »

Mellie, Threads, Fleuves Noirs, Lebrique, Meat Wave, Circuit Des Yeux & Claire Rousay, Avishag C. Rodrigues, Faun Haus, Reverse Winchester, The Gabys, The Telnets, FTR, Moin, True Champions Ride On Speed, Shgiht, The Rabbits, Taciturn, Taciturn, Takamoha, Staff Party, Bingo Fury, Gilla Band, The Garden, Phantasia, Scul Hazzards