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George Korein & The Spleen, Xerox, U SCO, Action Beat & G.W. Sok, Supervixens, Comet Control, Obliterations, Palberta, Radiator 865, The Austerity Program, The Box, Communions, Thee Silver Mt Zion, Open Mike Eagle, East Brunswick All Girls Choir

Poison Yvy


Psalm Beach , Gone Bald, Borrokan, Helmut, Cowards, Kurws, Lower, Joeyfat, Oozing Wound, New Turks, The Austerity Program, Teva Cheema & The TVs , Godflesh, A Dead Forest Index, Hateful Abandon, Turn To Crime, Biscuit Mouth, Ciggie Witch

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Enob, Making, Vulture Shit, Lower, Ancestors, Heavy Medical, Fairhorns, Poino, The Ukiah Drag, Gazer, Shabazz Palaces, Arm, Ritual Mess, Cutthroats 9, Yersinia Pestis, Cold Specks, C’Mon Tigre, VvvV, Clearance