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The Fall, The Yell, New Cowboy Builders, Circuit Breaker, Bend Sinister, Zad Kokar & Les Combi Bejaz, Twelves, Easy Prey, Drunk In Hell, Carnage, The Skull Defekts, The Limiñanas, Nerve Beats, Knowso, Exek, Shopping, Dym, Modern Eon


Velvet Coat, Doppalgangar, Godflesh, Death & Vanilla, The Skull Defekts, Hovercraft, The Men, The Mary Hart Attack, Leavings, Coilguns, Make More, Uk Gold, Whimm, Dan Sartain, Tor, The Hand, Hot Snakes

Drive With A Dead Girl & Delacave au Marquis de Sade 23/02/2018

PLAYLIST://11/01/2018 « From To Town »

Ifriqiyaya Electrique, Trough, Marriage & Cancer, Abschaum, Dead Rabbits, Ulrika Spacek,Paul Jacobs, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Guadal Tejaz, Idles, Duds, Marbled Eye, Joly Wave, Hidden Ritual, Loma, The Vacant Lots, La Hell Gang, Kikagaku Moyo, Hazel Anne


Bardo Pond, Yeah Wings, Bad History Month, Gordini, Girls In Synthesis, Summer, Kill Yr Boyfriend, The Turin Horse, The Hand, Monarch !, Neige Morte, Vas XILL Clinton, Giant Gutter From Outerspace, Morse, Divide & Dissolve, Hirs, The Altered Hours, Townsel Turner, Structure, Vox Low, Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band

PLAYLIST://21/12/2017 « La Rétro »

Luggage, Viagra Boys, James McCann & the New Vindictives, Tombouctou, The Limiñanas, Mange Ferraille, Alan Vega, La Chasse, Sievehead, Anwar Sadat, Mnemotechnic, Cash Savage & The Last Drinks, Ape Not Kill Ape, Yes I’m Leaving, The Hand, The Bug vs Earth, Exploded View, Unsane, El Michels Affair, Total Victory, Jlin, Colombey, Goz Of Kermeur, Godflesh, Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing, Drahla, Ex Fulgur