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Kill The Thrill, Taiwan Housing Project, Workin’Man Noise Unit, Zulus, Dirty Dan & The Fuckboys, Animal En Acier, Shacklock Meth Party, Eshôl Pamtais, Daniel Paboeuf Unity, Muscle Brain, Laurium, Invisible Things, Ashtray Boy, Red Daggers, The Dance Asthmatics, The Chap


Les Von Corda, Mouthparts, VBA, Longings, Tyranny Is Tyranny, Ahuri, Cuntz, Sextile, Nightfell, Humanshapes, Opposite Sex, L’Etrangleuse, Ashley Reaks & Joe Hakim, Rachel Grimes, Daniel Paboeuf Unity


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J’aime regarder…. Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing


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Tomorrow Is The Morrow & Wires


Half Human, Diät, Cadaver Em Transe, Making, Blacklisters, Lou Barlow, Paulo Zappoli And The Break, Nailhouse, Royal Headache, Buriers, Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing, Ought, Longings, Ivy St, Draft Rogers, BBIGPIGG, Girl Band, Prayers


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