Archives mensuelles : juillet 2022

PLAYLIST://28/07/2022 « J’entends plus Kherson »

Peter Winnipeg, Sue, Haunted Horses, Ben Woods, Blood, Mood Punch, Wailin Storms, Glaas, Flying Moon In Space, Civic Center, Tegh & Adel Poursamadi, Vacant Heads, Die Farce Die, Leech, Deadletter, Fiume, Venil, 208L Containers, Ribbon Stage, Balafre, Easy prey, Lo Seal, Venus Twins, Règlement, Kill Yr Boyfriend

PLAYLIST://21/07/2022 « Borotysya »

No Knuckle, Naked Objects, Girls In Synthesis, Automotion, Lifeguard, Multicult, Doom Beach, Luster, The Doomed Bird Of Providence, Naujawan Baidar, Elastic Spatial Awareness, Kübler-Ross, The Pleasure Majenta, Public Pleasure, Miniatura, Zdrój, Computer Fight, Kulku, Earthlogoff​, Himukalt, Mourir, Doe St, Famous Logs In History, Modern Rituals

PLAYLIST://14/07/2022 « pid bombamy »

Editrix, Uhr, Muscle Vest, Schleu, Bad Breeding, Badawi, Couronne De Merde, Wu-Lu, Mark Stewart, Kot Kot, Omerta, Germ, Deca, Dion Lunadon, Sam Snictchy, Nate Cross, Mourir, Abschaum, Atsushi Izumi, Candy, Party Dozen, Welt Star, Spasi, Mesher, Strangelight

PLAYLIST://07/07/2022 « Odessa Tiendra Coûte Que Coûte »

Naked Objects, Vendettas, Chat Pile, Ghost:Whale, Kollaps, No Humans, Chat Pile, Billy & The Bad Peach, Oog Bogo, Yamila, Arphaxad84, OCH, Bad-Vərb, Peace De Resistance, The Wilful Boys, Intercourse, Paint Nothing, Lotic, Badawi, Lou’s, Automatic, Science Killer

PLAYLIST://30/06/2022 « Poltava donc voir si la rose »

Girls In Synthesis, Péniche, Yonic, Wipes, Still/Form, Use Knife, Svvine, Opus Kink, Robocobra Quartet, Vintage Crop, Pisse, Cursed Murphy Versus Resistance, Hallan, Jai Nitai Lotus, El Camino, Oake, Geier Aus Stahl, Asylum Promises & Sci-Fi River, Careen, Les Conservatoires, Columbus Duo, Daddy’s Boy, Holy Clang, Rhabdomantic Orchestra