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Melatonine, Pascagoula, Habitar La Mar, Kaputt, Pleasure Chest, High Quality Girls, Tunic, The Yossarians, Peter Kernel, Ot To Not To, Black Rain, Aus, Good Morning, Public Interest, Negative Gears, Saba Alizâdeh, Bergsonist, Run Sofa, Jerusalem In My Heart, The Underground Youth, FTR, Psychic Graveyard, Desperate Living, Secteur Pavé

Dewaere & Alabaster 02 Mars Marquis De Sade


H.Grimace, Toy, Spines, Pig Frenzy, Keepers, RougeGorgeRouge, Hazel Anne, Caspar Brötzmann Massaker, Great Falls, Sordide, Homeless Cadaver, Thus :Owls, Heith, Blank Statements, Strange Passage, Pleasure, Morah, Catalogue, Victime, Whep, All The Weathers, Brutal Birthday


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