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Maria Goretti Quartet, Caravels, Lore City, Good Luck At The Hog Slaughter, Baxter Stockman, The Saint James Society, Jay Macis & Sharon Van Etten, Scout Niblett, Royal Wedding, Giovanni Marks, Girls Names, Eat Lights Become Lights, Cold Cave, Low Duo, Friend Collector, T.O.Y.S, Big Ups, Deep Heat, Ken Mode

PLAYLIST://28/03/2013 Spéciale « Roulements de Tambour »

Mendelson, The Drunk Meat, Baxter Stockman, Electric Electric, Ed Wood Jr, Fordamage, Korkoj, Corbeaux, Bison Bisou, Ctaholic Spray, Low Duo, Ghostface Killah, Paint Nothings, The Peep Tempel


Songs Ohia , David Grubbs, Dreamdecay, Gabriel Hibert, Pylône, King Dude, The Black Angels, Mica Gaugh Trio, Blankoschecks, Neg-FI, The Catalyst, The Doppelgangaz, Summer, Soft Kill, Anika, Black Pus, Friend Collector, Die Nerven, The Blanche Hudson Week End