Archives mensuelles : février 2024

PLAYLIST://22/02/2024 « Svyatyy Patrik ne lyubytʹ Volodymyra »

Drive With A Dead Girl, Lila Ehjä, Catcher, Black Beach, Family Band, MAG, Érick d’Orion + Guillaume Cliche, My North Eye, Medianoche, The Telescopes, Seven Seven, Chicaloyoh, Ryskinder, Nights Templar, Guitar, Crying Loser, The Heartwood Institute, Agita, Lo Seal, Barrage, Couch Slut, Unstable Shapes, Porcelain

PLAYLIST://15/02/2024 « borys tramp »

Stian Westerhus, AUS, Seductive, Frau Trofea, Docents, Panikatax, Moon Pussy, Dead Bandit, Champagne Dub, Melted, 15 000 Guns, Blemishes, Squid Pisser, Kali Malone, Arvo Pärt, Råtten, Suif, Eye Flys, Brain Cave, Planet B, Angry Blackmen, Da Dee, Imperial Wax, Risk Relay, Holy Popes

PLAYLIST://09/02/2024 « Monika vryatuye nas »

Mud Brothers, Abrichten, Sundowner, Purpur Spytt, Pisse, John Francis Flynn, RNDLN, Salem Trials, W!zard, Fauna Nova, Thee Alcoholics, Police Des Moeurs, YC-CY, Meta Meat, Drive With A Dead Girl, Crave, Rx Crash, Volp, Meth, Trans Upper Egypt, Skinchanger, Under 45, Maquina

PLAYLIST://01/02/2024 « litak bez kryl »

The Pheromoans, Compact Flash, Billiam, Split System, Chaser, The Tunnel, Bronson Arm, Cower, Rhys Bloodjoy, Thee Alcohoilics, No Humans, Tom Lyncoln, Harmony, Their Eyes Were Flowers, Plly, David Fenech, Or Best Offer, Kill The Thrill, Ilun, Polevaulter, VR Sex, The Albinos, Aus