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The Native Cats, Shove, Dry Guy, Nameless Creations, Well, Human Impact, Videodrome, Taung Child, Scrounge, Pisse, Chubbt & The Gang, Vangas, Constance Chlore, Religious Oberservance, Chief Tail, Jhindsight, Lonely Walk, Deena Abdelwahed, PM Font, Nass Suruck, Maman Küsters


Knife Wife, Samson, Fly Pan Am, Body Shame, Monotrope, White Elephant, New Primals, Ed Askew, Ekman, 2 Kilos & More, Lonely Walk, Serfs, Repent, Strange Motel, Leash, Satan, Xetas, Facet, The Tunnel, Bruxa Maria, Yer Trash, Guardian Singles, Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice

PLAYLIST://09/01/2020 [2009/2019] Just Some Of Them…..

Sharpie Crows, Rowland S Howard, Wailin Storms, Scofferlane, Lisabö, David Bowie, Kayne West, General Men, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Uzeda, Etenesh Wassié & Mathieu Sourisseau , Clockcleaner, La Rumeur, Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing, Paul Cary & The Small Scarys, Charles Bradley, MoE, True Widow, Jessica93, Debby Friday & DJ Haram

PLAYLIST://02/01/2020 Bands to Follow or Rediscover

Brighton Strangler, H.Grimace, Pop Crimes, Homework, Calf, Whep, Clever, Tre Zampe, Mata, Amateur Childbirth, Community College, Ice Baths, Deep Hole, Black Beach, Drainage, Machiavellian Art, Bruges, Possible Humans, Strange Passage, Ritual Howls, Smilegroup, Di Caprio, Facet, Memes, Off Season