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Judas Donneger & Teledetente 666 ven/19/04/13 à La Bascule, Rennes


Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing, Shannon Wright, Black Level Embassy, The Rats Are Coming, The Werewolves Are Here, Hawks, Ghostface Killah, Pairs, L’Etrangleuse, Zea & Xavier Charles, Biscuit Mouth, Dreamdecay, The Drones, Mucho Tapioca, The Bug, Alabaster, Thomas Nöla & The Black Hole, Raekwon, Candelilla

PLAYLIST://07/03/2013 en Cie du webzine POP IS ON FIRE

The Drones, Nod Off, Sons Of Frida, Holidays, Th’Faith Healers, Dead Ghosts, Glaciers, Hood, Baden Baden, Medicine, Minuit, Local Natives, Migala, Stornoway, Biscuit Mouth

Drones au Coeur : « I See Seaweed »


Harpagès, Popstrangers, Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing, Owen Temple Quartet, Animal Lover, Spectres, Modern Blondes, N.O.R.E aka P.AP.I, Action Dead Mouse, Powerdove, Ventura, Hepa-Titus, Pueblo People, Purity Control, Cripple & Casino, Young Buck, Gramme, Big Nils, Zeus!, Spray Paint, Lower, Leg Lifters

Un Festival à ne pas louper : MUSIQU’ALAMBIC 2

And Also The Trees, Mermonte & The Enchanted Wood, Mar/23/04/13 au Jardin Moderne, Rennes


Ghostface Killah, The Circa Tapes, Lilian Gish, Eels On Heels, STNNNG, Pauwels, Suuns, Drive With A Dead Girl, Berline0.33, Mark Kozelek, Thalia Zedek, Good Throb, Spray Paint, Ooga Boogas, Exhaustion, Lower, Chelsea Light Moving, The Wolfhounds, Quiet Steps

Les Ch’Tis à La Bascule !!!!!