Archives mensuelles : mai 2014

Retour à Camden : Art Trip & The Static Sound


Kippi’s, Psalm Beach, The Devil, Floor, Holy Hunt, Tense Men, Grizzlor, Art Trip & The Static Sound, Sleaford Mods, Young Widows, The Body, Watery Love, Ex-Cult, Eyehategod, Cutthroats 9

Gabriel Hibert + Chevo Légé + Dj’s K.I.C.

Swans Ta Droite : To Be Kind


The Amazing Snakeheads, Get Your Gun, Isaac, Una Bestia Incontrolable, Encono, Biscuit Mouth, Munau B, Dead Air, Watery Love, Zea, Mistress Bomb H, Microwaves, Fake Limbs, Apollo Brown, Harry Howard & The NDE, Room 204, Kouma, Cobra

Poino & Fairhorns


Swans, The Doomed Bird Of Providence, The Floors, Idylls, Tom Bodlin, White Suns, Crown Jewels, Maurice Flavel’s Intensive Care, Protomartyr, Hawks, Jean Ferraille, Computerstaat, Posse, Britches, The Channels, Substance & Drty Gnus, Strasbourg, Risk Relay

Strasbourg & Electric Octopus Orchestra