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Penelopes Fiance, Polevaulter, Duds, Miscomings, Yards, Laibach, Liars, Gold Class, Haldol, Unsane, Converge, Dälek, Gad Whip, Kreidler, Teenanger, The Lumes, Bulls, No Kind, New Cowboy Builders, Metz, Mount Trout, Wireheads, Di Caprio


Dracular, Tunic, Bummer, Melt Downer, The Fall, Chelsea Wolfe, Tzusing, Kollaps, Khost, Dizzee Rascal, Kate Tempest, Wailin Storms, Haldol, T-Tops, Young Conservatives, The Granite Shore, Terry, Sextile, Sievehead, Batpiss, Gewalt, Sumshapes, Prepared, Dame, Slowdive