Archives mensuelles : janvier 2023

Kerozene :// 26 Janvier 2023 « Oblast Toi De Là »

Koura, Risk Relay, Split Silk, The C.I.A, BZDET, Hands Up Who Wants To Die, Ama Say, Pozi, Brëche, Bomb Factory, Italia 90, Yo La tengo, Deathcrash, Pronostic Vital, Mistress Bomb H, Ægir, Pacific Yew, S.D.E Wasadi, Damien Hearse, Inksuit, Exhibit, Syndrome 81

Kerozene://12/01/2022 « Retrospektyva »

Naked Objects, Girls In Synthesis, All Structures Align, Easy Prey, Oiseaux-Tempête, Syndrome 81, NZE NZE, Nancy Mounir, Karl Kave, Tramhaus, //Less, Black Ox Orkestar, Danger Mouse & Black Thought, Duster, Norna, 208L Containers, Cursed Murphy Versus Resistance, Hammered Hulls, Meat Wave, Nerver, Coins Parallèles, Pinch Points, Sweaty Palms

PLAYLIST://05/01/2023 « Za nashoho druha »

Ashenspire, ON, Hammok, Tension Span, Body House, Dead Cross, Ecstatic Vision, Plague Pricks, Golden Psalms, Sea Moss, Baleful95, Sniff, Товарищ Астроном, Salvatore Mercatante, Manisdron, Rare Span, Private Lives, Lina Filipovich, Sclavos, And Then I Feel Nothing, Bruxa Maria, De Kif