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Crystal Shipsss, The UV Race, The Fall, Yes I’m Leaving, Stay Here, Catharsis, Mudhoney, Pylône, Ventura, Chelsea Wolfe, Corrections House, Ten Volt Shock, Throat, Longings, The Blind Shake, Ventre de Biche, The Forks, Two Trick Horse, Designer

PLAYLIST://02/05/2013 PEF vs Lester Brome

One Lick Less, Mombu, Mission For Christ, Torticoli, Animal Lover, Staer, Rabbits, STNNNG, Pylône, Yes I’m Leaving, The Peep Temple, The Fall, No Pilot, Le Chômage, Xiu Xiu & Eugene S. Robinson, Ghostface Killah & Apollo Brown

Ventura & Central Massif sam/18/05/13 au Sympatic Bar, Rennes


One Lick Less , Two Apes, Plume d’Elan, Black Oak Decline, Bummer, And Also The Trees, Judas Donneger, Buildings, Made In Canada, The New Fabian Society, My Sleeping Doll, The Stevens, Poutre, Dirtdrinker, Ghostface Killah, Papaye, Papier Tigre, Tin Trails

Trench Piss & Pylone ven/10/05/13 à La Bascule, Rennes