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 Theo Hakola, Dead Skeletons, JC Satan, Radikal Satan, Grizzly Bear, Deafheaven, Throat, My Name Is Nobody, Logik Party, Tom Bodlin, L’Enfance Rouge & Eugene Robinson, Town Portal, Trash Talk, Sven Kacirek, Judas Donneger, Ghost Wave, Nerve Beats  01 : Theo Hakola […]

Drose ou la tentation du vide


Sons Of Frida & Rome Buyce Night, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Toxic Parents, Childish Gambino, Comadre, Cellos, Numbers Not Names, Neurosis, Françoise Breut, Les Morts Vont Bien, Burning Love, The Bridges Of Madison County, Unmade Beds, Chalk Eaters, Jessica 93, […]


The Box, Teledetente 666, The Glad Husbands, American Snakeskin, Bone Dance, The Killing Words, A Dead Forest Index, Neurosis, The Spinning Rooms, Per Purpose, Metz, Neneh Cherry & The Thing, Lee Fields & The Expressions, Arcing, Joe4, Washerwoman, RøsenKøpf, Self […]

My Name Is Nobody & Logik Party Mercredi 17 Octobre 2012 à La Bascule

PLAYLIST://20/09/2012 avec Fat Supper comme invité

I Dream In Transit, Modern Drugs, Three Second Kiss, Fat Supper, The Fall, Psykick Lyrikah, Lambchop, Eels, Timber Timbre, Dominique A, Papier Tigre, Tom Bodlin, Ritual Mess, Metz 01 : I Dream In Transit : night dog « Absolute Peace ep «  Autoprod […]

Metz en Lettres Capitales

PLAYLIST://13/09/2012 avec La Terre Tremble!!! et We Are Van Peebles

Downward Dogs, Cult Of Youth, The Austrasian Goat, La Terre Tremble !!!, Swans, Can, Sparks, Quakers, Condor, We Are Van Peebles, 31 Knots, Wimp, Atoms For Peace, Doppler, The Killing Words Downward Dogs : sad machine “Familiar Techniques” Autoprod 2012 Ce […]

Buried Horses : une histoire particulière


202 Project, Jessica 93, Drose, XYX, The Gary, Base Ventura, Nones, Buildings, Hawks, Goat, The UFO Club, The Sweetest Thrill, Snapline, The Catalyst, James Yorkston, Converge, Zulus, The Spinning Rooms, Satellite High 202 Project : rituals “Disco Quake” Autoprod 2012 Back […]