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Big Brave, A Death In Canada, Bonnacons Of Doom, Empty Vessels, Pinko, Lt. Frank Dikens, The Dictaphone, Ex Fulgur, Exek, Halt Ever, Humanitie


Naked, MTN ISL, Die Nerven, Hammerhead, Gettho Gouls, Danyl Jesu & Pale Earth, The Big Bozo Big Shit Garbage Band, Vacant Life, Demonbrother, E, Karies, Polly Nichols, Polymorphie, Civil Union, Meatraffle, General Men, Mombu & Mosca Violenta, Titanik

Playlist ://26/11/2015

202 Project, Summer, Cult Of Occult, Grow Grow, Mutton, The Heavy Hole, The Hand, Teledetente 666, Balladur, Belajo, Megrim, Circuit Breaker, Vertical Chaton, Bloom, Mansion, Karies, William Sheller

BeaTch & Megrim & Belajo

Enablers & Fat supper

Von Corda & My Sleeping Doll


The Dictaphone, Coordinated Suicides, Dirt Queen, Richard Papiercuts, Fuck-Ushima, Housewives, Betunizer, My Sleeping Doll, Von Corda, Tropic Of Cancer, Spectres, Mad Masks, Circuit Breaker, Black Regent, Lonely Walk, Second Chair, General Men, The Bug, Besoin Dead


The And, Drive With A Dead Girl, Perverts, Kill The Vultures, Spray Paint, Exhaustion, Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott, Cemetery, RA, USA Nails, Betunizer, Beach Slang, Saints Of The Knife, Everest Magma, Heat Death, Esmerine, Art Melody

Préventes pour la soirée Enablers et Fat Supper le 19 Novembre

Betunizer & Orgöne