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Slim Wild Boar, The Goon Sax, Constant Mongrel, Pious Faults, Brandy, Ghostbird, GØGGS, Cortez, Silencio, Plomb, Escape-Ism, Tropical Fuck Storm, Landowner, Cold Meat, Sewers, New War, Gnod, Blood Quartet, T-Topps, Gloop, Italia 90, Cabbage



Rope, IsaAC, Outside World, Shepparton Airplane, Throat, Dead Tenants, Tragedy, Law Boss, Misa Histerica, Jako Maron, The Shifters, Tally Ho !, Marbled Eye, 400THECAT, William Elliott Whitmore, Escape-Ism, Osheyack, Celldöd, Thalia Zedek Band, Club Cactus, Slow Code

PLAYLIST://06/09/2018 avec Mnemotechnic


Honey Bucket, Outside World, Sauna Youth, Bench Press, Harah, Cable Ties, Sewers, Christophe Sourice, Slim Wild Boar, Jako Maron, Kilkil, Mnemotechnic, Lack, Dollkraut, Shigeru Umebayashi, Run The Jewels, Daughters, Honey For Petzi, Ab Ovo, Holiday In, Nüde