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Broadway, ES, The Bodies, Conditioner, The Sweet Release Of Death, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Shackleton & Ernesto Tomasini, Fixity, Quin Galavis, Uranium Club, Punching Swans, Heroes For Sale, It It Anita, Four Thing, Carson Cox & Sam York & Austin Brown, Drive With A Dead Girl, Body Meat, Nitkowski, Krause, Balladur


Terry Malts, Teens Pirit, Glintshake, Xiu Xiu, Fasenuova, Abdulla Rashim, Primitive Calculators, Bleu Russe, Naked Lights, Glenn Jones, Broadway, Roger Goula, Ryley Walker, Pulco, Drahla, Orson Hentschel, Civil Union, Collector


Ganser, Nightmom, New Fries, Ovo, Doomsday Student, Debruit, Anarchist Republic of Bzzz, Luggage, Viagra Boys, Men With Chips, Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing, School Damage, Fun Fare, Lofter, Tunic, SeeSaw, Terminal Cheesecake, Messed, Ruined Families, Baby Fire, VvvV, Mendez, Risk Relay, Pretty Hurts, Cash Savage & The Last Drinks

Peter Kernel & Formica au Bar’Hic samedi 17 Décembre 2016


Risk Relay, Karies, Narcosatanicos, Skingarov, Doomsday Student, Radian, Gabriel Hibert, My North Eye, Jaws, Death Pedals, The Cloth, Emboe, Treasure Island, Anarchist Republik of Bzzz, Viagra Boys, Moller Plesset, Ken Mode, Dead Can Dance, Decorvm, Duchess Says, The Blind Shake, Luggage, Cowards

Alpha Strategy et Hazel Atlas au Marquis de Sade 03/12/2016


Flat Worms, Friends Of Gas, Cushing, Ditz, Bruxa Maria, Exek, The Native Cats, The Dance Asthmatics, WTCHS, Hollywoodfun Downstairs, Death Pedals, Radian, Downers, Fresh Snow, Mother’s Love, Worse, Sordide, Uranium Club, The Blind Shake, Hormonar, Karies

Death Pedals & Hollywoodfun Downstairs 23/11/2016


Blood Quartet, Rats On Rafts & De Kift, Sneers, Blood Sport, My Sleeping Doll, Bertrand Belin, The Flaming Lips, Miles Davis, El Perro Del Mar, Nino Ferrer, Artificial Brain, Brian Eno, Buddy Guy, Stelios Petrakis/Efrén Lopés/Bijan Chemirani, O Paon, Monoceros, Kickback

Animal Lover & Solki & Tomorrow Is The Morrow 03/11/2016