Archives annuelles : 2016

BLOOD SPORT & SNEERS 27 Octobre au Bar’Hic


My Dad Is Dead, Frustration, Lake Of Snakes, Finished, The Wilful Boys, BigHand BigKnife, Emma Ruth Rundle, Ultraphallus, Diana Tribute, Pain Teens, Thigh Master, Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes, Death Pedals, Oozing Wound, Elza Soares, Douglas Dare, All Diese Gewalt, Tackle, Fur Helmet, The Peep Tempel


Self Defense Family, Christian Fitness, Radar Men From The Moon, Roji, Noj, Süryabonali, Noyades, Exek, Brando’s Island, Fresh Kills, Deadbeat Club, Scarcity Of Tanks, The Wolfhounds, Harry Howard & The NDE, Mick Harvey, Screen Wives, Moe, Lièvre Lunaire, Desmanche, Taman Shud, Dark Blue


Sneers, Blood Sport, Electric Electric, Puritans, JUBILé, Muscle & Marrow, Finished, Duds, RougeGorgeRouge, No Means No, My Great Blue Cadillac, Oneida & Rhys Chatham, Ela Stiles, Heart Beach, Captain Murphy, Adalwolf, Uranium Orchard, Pardans, Sweet Williams, VvvV


Wrekmeister Harmonies, Neurosis, No Heart Country, Bambara, Frustration, Log Horn Breed, Diana Tribute, Sam Fleisch, Sumatraban, Bone, Paperoga, Electric Electric, Moodie Black, Gold Class, The Gaslamp Killer


Thalia Zedek Band, E, Kim Gordon, Big Neck Police, No Sister, Schoolboy Q, Gonjasufi, Gamma Pope, Mica, Hissing Tiles, Rhin, Sinking Suns, Ludmila Spleen, Sneers, London Modular Alliance, Rangoons


Original Past Life, Show Me The Body, Unik Ubik, The Warlocks, Sect, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, Devo, The Contorsions, The Stabs, The Dacios, Microwave With Marge, Sissters, King Dude, Joey Fat, Pink Pots, Sleaford Mods,Hissing Tiles, Chook Race


Le Villejuif Underground, Stevenson, King Champion Sounds, Dyr Faser, Invaderband, Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing, Moe, Unfortunates, Doomsday Student, Lake Of Snakes, No Sister, Rebolledo, Pop 1280, The Wolfhounds, Multicult, The Dirty Sun, Secret Sands, Talmud Beach


Broccoli, Softess, Kallas Kid, The Saddest Landscape, Exploded View, Cult Values, Wall, Thalia Zedek Band, E, Kaspar Hauser, Cynical Ants, LSDXOXO, DJ Shadow, General Men, T-Tops, Fatima Al Qadri, Chin Yi, Fizzed, Mike Noga


Old And Weird, OVVN, Buildings, Unur, Vincas, Dinosaur Jr, The Warlocks, Wrekmeister Harmonies, A Dead Forest Index, Wall, Blood Sport, Chin Yi, The Nag’s Head, Tunic, Bad Breeding, Minor Fret, Product, Debts, Wireheads