Archives annuelles : 2017


Daniele Luppi, Nadah El Shazly, Ainara Legardon, Hoaries, Casual Nun, Jesus Is My Son, Dictaphone, AJ Suede & Supa Sortahuman, Bad History Month, The Body&Full Of Hell, His Electro Blue Voice, Necrodancer, Negative Space, Scul Hazzards, Trough, Life Drawings, Mother’s Love, Abschaum, Damcase, Spinning Coin, Aathens, Woodhull

Noyades/Autisti/L’Oraille Bar’Hic samedi 23 décembre


Sheik Anorak , Bruised, Together Forever, Wireheads Human Nothing, Dictaphone, Barnacles, Hinin, Tabatha Crash, Klarinetthor, Ape Not Kill Ape, White Heat, Milkilo, Deafkids, Coagul & Cadena, Patrick Cowley, Aathens, All Sparks Burn Out, Bad Aura, The Lovely Eggs, Pill, Plax, Golgoth Tsunami

PLAYLIST://23/11/2017 No Land

Ensemble, Et Al, Sodium Beast, No Land, Emboe, Godflesh, Arianna Monteverdi, Hector Plimmer, Drhala


Louis Minus XVI, No-Arm, Shame Waves, Allah-Las, Cannibale, Looping, No Sister, Mistress Bomb H, Operant, Kollaps, Contributors, Slab Knackers, Drunk Elk, Body Lens, Structure, G.Lolli, Tu Brüles Mon Esprit, Phantom Head, 30 000 Monkieys, The Dirty Sun

PLAYLIST://09/11/2017 Des Pies Chicaillent

Pause Longue , Trupa Trupa, No Sister, Permanent Makeup, Display Holes, Marisa Anderson, Viktor’s Joy, Andrew Cohen & Light Coma, Six Organs Of Admittance, Die ! Die ! Die ! , Birdstriking, The Burning Hell, The Surfing Magazines, Francky Goes To Pointe A Pitre, The New Year, Kindling, Lankum, Arianna Monteverdi


Uniform, Luggage, Thank, Phoenician Drive, Street Sects, Köln, Child Bite, Baby Fire, Mandale, Godflesh, Savage Grounds, Mang Ferraille, Lean Year, Prison Warder, Plaque Marks, gSp, Honey, Microwaves, Yeah Wings, Band Of Holy Joy, Lung Letters, Diagonal Mints, Blood Sun Circle, Ed Askew

Kollaps/Operant/Mistress BombH au Marquis de Sade, 17 Novembre 2017


Wireheads, Zëro, Black Ink Stain, Warren Schoenbright, Assel, Nadah El Shazly, Gad Whip, Luggage, Kamienski, Exhalants, Lysistrata, Ainara LeGardon, Pris, GG King, Helta Skelta, Partisan, Thank, Trauma 3, Uniform, John Maus


Bnnt, Dead Dad Cigarettes, Mathias Aguayo & The Desdemonas, Luggage, Ken Mode, Amenra, Circuit Des Yeux, Seine, Drahla, Flat Worms, Yes I’m Leaving, Kommisars, Die Wirklichkeit, Jessica 93, De Ambassade, Kevin Gates, Run The Jewels, Only The Bones, Couch Slut