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Baby Fire & Mandale au Bar’Hic vendredi 3 Novembre

PLAYLIST://12/10/2017 « Jaws Fuel Session #2 »

Hidden Rifles , The Tunnel, Die ! Die ! Die !, Pardoner, Omni, Jaws, John Frusciante, Thomas Le Corre, Can, Simple Minds, Profondo Rosso, Blaha, Arrows Of Love, Angie Hosh, Diamond Terrifier Cipher, Dead Dad Cigarettes, Spoek Mathambo


The Gordons, Bailter Space, Dharma Dogs, Italia 90, Partisan, Manager, Wrong Man, Arse, Idylls, Khidja, Jlin, Map 71, The World, Lullavy, Nasti, Monotrope, Primitive Man, Sagittarius Rucker, Pull Rank, Pause Longue, The Luxembourg Signal, Papapla, Protomartyr


Profondo Rosso, Duds, Bike Thiefs, The Willowz, Escobar, Twelves, Drund Dad, Tyler The Creator, Strange U, Denzel Curry, Why The Eye ?; Borke Mouths, Angie Hosh, Singing Lessons, Cookie Brooklyn & The Crumbs, Chevignon, Loth, Maximum Dad, Unsane, Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones, Valparaiso, No Sister, Guns’n’Gänseblümchen


Lina Tullgren, Muscle Tomcat Machine, Temple Of BBV, Unsane, Silent Front, Tongue Party, Vacancy, Møller Plesset, Get Your Gun, Micah P. Hinson, Amateur Childbirth, The World, Preening, Sirom, Rodenticide, Nagazi Beat, Fornet, Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters, Rash, Guantanamo Party Program, En Attendant Ana


Hüsker Dü , Big Brave, Wailin Storms, Blacklisters, Pamplemousse, Alabaster, Palberta, Shimmer, Haunted Horses, Plomb, S.B.S.M. , Kollaps, Ice Ballons, Colombey, Désir De Mort, Dodecad, New Primals, Lt. Frank Dickens, James McCann & The New Vindictives, Constance Chlore


Can, Polevaulter, Housewives, Gerda, Lleroy, Orson Hentschel, Billy Woods, Nocando, Bambooman, Profondo Rosso, Møller Plesset, Chevigon, Monarch !, With The Dead, An Autumn For Crippled Children, Bardus, Dharma Dogs, Phantom Works, Aldous Harding

Release Party Moller Plesset samedi 23 Septembre au Bar’Hic


White Hills , Yass, Buck Gooter, Dialysis, Alan Vega, Moe, Gerda, Sylvain Chauveau, Laibach, Roberto De Simone, Large Margin, Yowie, Moller Plesset, Happy Place, Da Buze Bruvaz, Embedded Figures, Orson Hentschel, Charlie Parr, Decibel, Crack Cloud, Trupa Trupa, Ritual Tension


Penelopes Fiance, Polevaulter, Duds, Miscomings, Yards, Laibach, Liars, Gold Class, Haldol, Unsane, Converge, Dälek, Gad Whip, Kreidler, Teenanger, The Lumes, Bulls, No Kind, New Cowboy Builders, Metz, Mount Trout, Wireheads, Di Caprio