Archives annuelles : 2023

PLAYLIST://21/12/2023 « Freak Show : solitude, marrons et congélation (samotnistʹ, kashtany i zamerzannya) »

Brown Angel, Les Voltages 8, Joy Division, Jeremy Jay, The Terminals, Love, Edging, Noir Boy George, Snuff, Gulf Blvd, Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson, Le Prince Harry, The Marine Rapper, Googoosh, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, IC3PEAK, Cool Calm Pete, Nightwatchers, Grisaille, The Cusp & Part Company

PLAYLIST://14/12/2023 « trymaty trymaty trymaty »

Capsuna, Luxury Appartments, Big Cream, TV Cult, Vaag, Lion Country Ferrari, Soft Shoulder, Le Brouf, Geniuser, The Lonely Bullets, Modern Nature, Bailterspace, Shitnoise, Recht Auf Rausch, Fragile Self, Amor Muere, Joe Yorke, Reverend Kristin Mickael Hayter, Chester Watson, Judas Goat, The God Eaters, Jed Arbour, Critical Energy, Dead

PLAYLIST://07/12/2023 « Osad vashe pravo « 

Bloody Head : Lisabö, Pound Land, Kitchen Tool Set, Coeval, Central, Low Animal, Locrian, Day Job, Brìghde Chaimbeul, Dead Bandit, TONN3RR3 & BIKAY3, Krinator, Buck 65, Cannibal Ox & Liquid Nails, Mrs Magician, Primer Infant The Lewers, Feeling Figures, moonvampire, Trystero, Pseudo Cool

PLAYLIST://30/11/2023 « Krym znaydeno »

Aunt Katrina, Nylon, Vaguess, Princess Thailand, Ex Agent, Lisabö, Con Art, Jungstötter, OV Pain, Blockhead, Aessop Rock, Beige Palace, Thee Alcoholics, UKAEA, Nameless Creations, All Structures Align, Sherpa, Lolita Terrorist Sounds, Mutes, Ghostwoman, Mujahideen, Killing Joke

PLAYLIST://23/11/2023 « hrubo kazhuchy »

R.M.F.C. Equal Parts, Intermission, Blacklisters, Ultralover, Grins, Stolen Kidneys, Chaser, The Shna, Pop Crimes, Downtown Cuckoo, My North Eye, Anna VS June, Bronson Arm, Brain Cave, Island Apes, Servo, Proofs, Gentilesky, Zwei Null Zwei, Tempomat, Henwee, Enola Gay

PLAYLIST://16/11/2023 « bomby vzymku »

Dancer, Neoplastic, Yobs, USA Nails, Barren Womb, The Kidney Flowers, Hit Bargain, Wet Dip, Sinks, Beurre, Mouche-Miel, Basic Shapes, Bingo Crépuscule, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Formica, The Native Cats, The Particles, Aus!Funkt, Onry Ozzborn, Luke Sick & Wolfagram, Bound By Endogamy, Fiera, Noj, Wych Elm, CNTS

PLAYLIST://09/11/2023 « Antysemit ta islamofil »

Bar Italia, Maze, Screensaver, The Serfs, Institute, TV Cult, Nervous Tension, Slavia, Tue, Dastard, Dust Muscle, Ativin, Duster, Hilary Woods, Only Now, The Cult Of One, Überspannung, Drunk Meat, Decoration Policy, Consumer Culture, Warren Schoenbright, The Smashing Times, Melenas, Escaire

PLAYLIST://26/10/2023 « Solidarnistʹ »

Meltheads, Sentries, Deûle, Ghost Woman, Harp, Daniel Pes, Gazelle Twin, Fauxchisels, Youmna Saba, Sinews, Raechel, Youff, Sinks, Nu Fvnk, Group 0, Judgitzu, I Dreamed I Dream, John J Presley, Arthur J. reptilian, Louse, The Shits, Yoke, Davy Jones Locker

PLAYLIST://19/10/2023 « durnyy zvit »

Ved, Onyon, Smile, German Army, Vox Low, Mope City, Makeshift Art Bar, G.U.N. Sextile, Hit Bargain, Youff, Comité Hypnotisé, Deena Abdelwahed, Nüshu, Dippers, BAASTA! SZLAUCH, Kircher, Modern Technology, Irreversible Entanglements, Black Market Brass, Choncy, Hot Garbage

Un Week End de Pure Fuelie 27 & 28 Octobre 2023