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Brighton Strangler, H.Grimace, Pop Crimes, Homework, Calf, Whep, Clever, Tre Zampe, Mata, Amateur Childbirth, Community College, Ice Baths, Deep Hole, Black Beach, Drainage, Machiavellian Art, Bruges, Possible Humans, Strange Passage, Ritual Howls, Smilegroup, Di Caprio, Facet, Memes, Off Season


Buriers, The Oxbow Court Project, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Off Season, Carver, Comfort, Dr Drexler Project, Purple Mountains, Silver Jews, Shida Shahabi, Duster, Decider, The Glad Husbands, Macros, TV Violence, Peuk, NTWIN


Deliluh, I’m Being Good, Luggage, Penkowski, Child Bite, Pop 1280, Anadol, Gnarrenschiff, Come Holy Spirit, Moor Mother, Kid Acne, Soft Shoulder, Austerity, The Azure Sea, Drainage, Intercourse, Cricket, Xetas, Careerist, Melissa Kassab, Tetuan, Debby Friday, The Clog 01 : Deliluh : […]


Public Practice, Dreamdecay, Haunted Horses, I’m Being Good, Salvation, Drose, Mnemotechnic, Beret, Isnaj Dui, Tempsion, Girls In Synthesis, Aanthems, Pinko, John, Fly Pan Am, Britton Collier, NOV3L, Nerver, Process Black, Chat Pile, Holly & The Dead Saints  01 : Public Practice […]


Brighton Strangler, Nightwatchers, Memes, Deliluh, Buildings, Chat Pile, Eddy Current Expression Ring, Hand & Leg, Cochonne, Luggage, Faking, Lonely Walk, Franco Divine, Von Stroheim, Verdun, Radiant, René Couteau, Novichok

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Uzeda, Shimmer, Haunted Horses, Sumatraban, Poulidor, $afia Bahmed-Schwartz, Shewolf, Nabta, Earth Tongue, Jucifer, Mütterlein, Comfort, Nina Harker, PsychoMania, Catisfaction, Carriegoss, Lingua Ignota, Von Stroheim, YN


Julie’s Haircut, Italia 90, Park Snakes, Den, Faking, Gloop, Coilguns, Gomme, Corbbel, Lankum, Boduf Songs, Art Melody, Balladur, Rape Tape, Typical Hunks, Ass, VvvV, Speech Disorder, Jesien, Tamara Goukassova, Camera Silens


Haunts, Matana Roberts, Oiseaux-Tempête, Swans, Grebenstein & Seefried, The Drunk Meat, Lumer, Girls In Synthesis, Ogden’s, Boduf Songs, Echo & The Bunnymen, Jessica Pavone String Ensemble, At The Graves, Sensual World, Adore, Reader, Backxwash


Meatraffle, Iggy Pop, Kim Gordon, Carver, 10 000 Russos, The KVB, David J With Duende, Cop Funeral, Drive With A Dead Girl, Maalad Roy, Mnemotechnic, Seyjawa, Total Victory, Basketball Divorce Court, Big Grump, Arno, Strasbourg, Iss, Girls In Synthesis, Moodie Black


Sehribana Kurdi, High Powered Leroy, Horse Jumper Of Love, I’m Being Good, Shannon Wright, Drose, Mnemotechnic, Mata, Buriers, Facteur sauvage, 72%, Cuss, Calf, Foxtails, Edgeworth, The Sweet Release Of Death, Yellfire, Cool Flowers, Patti, Youff, Ronin