PLAYLIST://22/09/2022 « Lissitchansk avec nous »

Porcelain, Aliment, Meat wave, Guppy, Kilynn Lunsford, Sutros, New Confusion, Why Bother, The Drin, Come, Disco Doom, Muscle Vest, Mirage, Grand Mantis, Horace Andy, Fleuves Noirs, Venil, Lolita Terrorist Sounds, Girls In Synthesis, Bill Callahan, Ka, Szorstkie

PLAYLIST://15/09/2020 « Ils Yzioum presque tous passés »

dUASsEMIcOLCHEIASiNVERTIDAS , Grave Goods, Statoil, Hysteria, Grandmas House, Tengger, Spiderland, Yana Momina, Nancy Mounir, And Also The Trees, Flooding, Laurel Canyon, Zahir, Burhan, Sue, Kuntari, The Bug, Netherlands, Belk, The Hammer Party, Dead Cosmetics, Grotto Terrazza

PLAYLIST://08/09/2022 « кулон падіння палаючі поля »

Total Luck, Radiant, Chihuahua, Enablers, Monolithe Noir, Syndrôme 81n Crisis Party, Les Mammouths, Groupe Froid, Dark Radish, Bad Breeding, Jean-Louis, Roji, Thee Sacred Souls, Danger Mouse & Black Thought, Long Hours, Bad Decisions, Desmond Doom, Dale Nixon

PLAYLIST://01/09/2022 « Mais il n’y a plus Kherson »

VV Torso, Gluer, Soup!, Gloin, //Less, Dale Kerrigan, Heir Traffic, Alan Harman, This Is The Bridge, Burden Limbs, Al Wooton, The Uranium Club, The Sheaves, Shivved, Grey Market, Nancy Mounir, Shrapknel, Authentically Plastic, Brötchen Des Todes, R.MF.C., Soft Shoulder, Zahir, Burhan, Sniff, Roht

PLAYLIST://25/08/2022 « Makiïvka Toi Tant Que Tu Peux »

Plate Six, Qitsch, Still/Form, Haunted Horses, PANSTARRS, Freak Genes, Pretty Mouth, Oneida, VV Torso, McQQeen, Mirakler, John Lely, Basic Rythm, Findom, The Drin, Ribbon Stage, Barry, Big Scout, Sea Saw, Doom Beach, Easy Prey, Crisis Party, Meat Wave, Loins, Deadletter

Kerozene : 03/08/2022 « Svyata Groix »

Gee tee, Spodee Boy, TV Violence, Campari Crepuscule, 208L Containers, Glaas, Last Night, Actions Fall Short, Vr Sex, Welt Star, Wavves, Catatonic Youth, Cool Sorcery, Cluttered Grotto, JC Satan, Règlement, Commando, Syndrome 81, Bad Breeding, Party Dozen, Tempomat, Abadir

PLAYLIST://28/07/2022 « J’entends plus Kherson »

Peter Winnipeg, Sue, Haunted Horses, Ben Woods, Blood, Mood Punch, Wailin Storms, Glaas, Flying Moon In Space, Civic Center, Tegh & Adel Poursamadi, Vacant Heads, Die Farce Die, Leech, Deadletter, Fiume, Venil, 208L Containers, Ribbon Stage, Balafre, Easy prey, Lo Seal, Venus Twins, Règlement, Kill Yr Boyfriend

PLAYLIST://21/07/2022 « Borotysya »

No Knuckle, Naked Objects, Girls In Synthesis, Automotion, Lifeguard, Multicult, Doom Beach, Luster, The Doomed Bird Of Providence, Naujawan Baidar, Elastic Spatial Awareness, Kübler-Ross, The Pleasure Majenta, Public Pleasure, Miniatura, Zdrój, Computer Fight, Kulku, Earthlogoff​, Himukalt, Mourir, Doe St, Famous Logs In History, Modern Rituals

PLAYLIST://14/07/2022 « pid bombamy »

Editrix, Uhr, Muscle Vest, Schleu, Bad Breeding, Badawi, Couronne De Merde, Wu-Lu, Mark Stewart, Kot Kot, Omerta, Germ, Deca, Dion Lunadon, Sam Snictchy, Nate Cross, Mourir, Abschaum, Atsushi Izumi, Candy, Party Dozen, Welt Star, Spasi, Mesher, Strangelight

PLAYLIST://07/07/2022 « Odessa Tiendra Coûte Que Coûte »

Naked Objects, Vendettas, Chat Pile, Ghost:Whale, Kollaps, No Humans, Chat Pile, Billy & The Bad Peach, Oog Bogo, Yamila, Arphaxad84, OCH, Bad-Vərb, Peace De Resistance, The Wilful Boys, Intercourse, Paint Nothing, Lotic, Badawi, Lou’s, Automatic, Science Killer