Shepparton Airplane, E, Shady Nasty, Aborted Tortoise, the Cowboy, Baby Fire, Wailin Storms, Nursery, King Krule, Chapelier Fou, The Alternative Currents, Trupa Trupa, Cabane, Heavy Petting, La Chasse, Videodrome, Nervousmen, This Is Wreckage, Lewsberg, Jackson Reid Brigg & The Heaters, Leroy, Real Lige Goblin, The Mauskovic Dance Band, Bo Loserr


P.E. /Head Hurt/Crowd Of Chairs/Alamanac Man/The Ditch & The Delta/Kate Tempest/King Buzzo/Zea & Oscar Jan Hoogland/Alabaster dePlume/Massicot/Lié/Blóm/Sex Swing/Spoek Mathambo/Extra Prolific/Today Is The Day/S.H.I.T./BIB/New Primals/Requin/Milk TV/Dame Area


Wrekmeister Harmonies, Rain Parade, Mazzy Star, Cabane, Pulled By Magnets, Jullian Angel, Waterless Hills, Ex Die, Unspkble, Handle, Crowd Of Chairs, Hallelujah, Baron Saturday, Mai Mai Mai, Cocanha, Contractions, Rid Of Me, Ausgang, Tornische, Jousting


Andrew Weatherall, The Sabres Of Paradise, Lee Scratch Perry, Bambara, Oilmen, Tôle Froide, Pays P. , Just Mustard, Polevaulter, Moscow, Keepers ; Sooma, Questrakt, William Henry Meung, Poise, Blooming Season, Pinch Librarian, Head Hurt, Stuck, Glamour & Gloom


Nameless Creations, Dharma Scum, The Somnambulist, Goyokin, Syko Friend, Exotico, The Saxophones, Echo Canyon, Automat, 2 Kilos & More, Coddiwomple, Pale Saints, Lonker See, Oilmen, Careen, Bambara, Yor, Mourir, Nairobi


Gang Of Four, Luxury Apartments, Isolat Junction, Sonic Death, Leeches, Michael, Siksa Skooper, Hazel Anne, Coddiwomple, Alien Nose Job, Video Daughters, Shady Nasty, Casual Nun, Tender Mercy, OvO, Men With Secrets, Faux Départ, Dharma Scum, Wkeah, PlimPlim, Penya, Hepa.Titus


Il Cloro, Purple Pilgrims, Hope, Falling Stacks, DMTV, Tvivler, 16-17, Wasted Shirt, Sarathy Korwar, African Head Charge, Macka B, Goyokin, Zonal, Schonwald, The Innocence Mission, Charlene Darling, Delacave, Oof, Writhe, Joyeater, The International Debt, Mr Wrong, Dry Guy, Pile Of Face Unoauno


The Native Cats, Shove, Dry Guy, Nameless Creations, Well, Human Impact, Videodrome, Taung Child, Scrounge, Pisse, Chubbt & The Gang, Vangas, Constance Chlore, Religious Oberservance, Chief Tail, Jhindsight, Lonely Walk, Deena Abdelwahed, PM Font, Nass Suruck, Maman Küsters


Knife Wife, Samson, Fly Pan Am, Body Shame, Monotrope, White Elephant, New Primals, Ed Askew, Ekman, 2 Kilos & More, Lonely Walk, Serfs, Repent, Strange Motel, Leash, Satan, Xetas, Facet, The Tunnel, Bruxa Maria, Yer Trash, Guardian Singles, Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice

PLAYLIST://09/01/2020 [2009/2019] Just Some Of Them…..

Sharpie Crows, Rowland S Howard, Wailin Storms, Scofferlane, Lisabö, David Bowie, Kayne West, General Men, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Uzeda, Etenesh Wassié & Mathieu Sourisseau , Clockcleaner, La Rumeur, Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing, Paul Cary & The Small Scarys, Charles Bradley, MoE, True Widow, Jessica93, Debby Friday & DJ Haram