Structure, Low Life, Litovsk, Collate, Bikini Gorge, Dirty Junk, Poutre, The Cool Greenhouse,Dead Man Walking, Voltastomaco, Alpha Strategy, Assid, Alien Nosejob, Yugen Blakrok, Don Zilla, Volation Immanent, Gzarface/Ghostface, Caveiras, Grow Grow, Maria Violenza, Clara !, Florida Man, Oozing Wound, Lizzo



Vigils, Hash Redactor, The Undergound Youth, Modern Technology, Slumberland, Aurat, Bracco, Anthony Laguerre, Mothers Dearest, Ratka, Bob Mould, The Stroppies, Vital Idles, Surplus 1980 Collective Ensemble, Sydney Valette, Lane, Burning Axis, The Purkinje Shift, Bollard, Victime


test Dept

The Staches, Stickers, U-Bahn, Pigeon, Trigger Cut, Pamplemousse, Bloody Head, Papa M, Ot To Not To, Mode City, Weak Signal, Ice Balloons, Snapped Ankles, Test Dept, Scalping, Maurice Louca, Makaya McCraven, Nihiloxica, Old Time Relijun, We Wild Blood, No Vale Nada, Sordide, Von Stroheim


mark hollis



Melatonine, Pascagoula, Habitar La Mar, Kaputt, Pleasure Chest, High Quality Girls, Tunic, The Yossarians, Peter Kernel, Ot To Not To, Black Rain, Aus, Good Morning, Public Interest, Negative Gears, Saba Alizâdeh, Bergsonist, Run Sofa, Jerusalem In My Heart, The Underground Youth, FTR, Psychic Graveyard, Desperate Living, Secteur Pavé



H.Grimace, Toy, Spines, Pig Frenzy, Keepers, RougeGorgeRouge, Hazel Anne, Caspar Brötzmann Massaker, Great Falls, Sordide, Homeless Cadaver, Thus :Owls, Heith, Blank Statements, Strange Passage, Pleasure, Morah, Catalogue, Victime, Whep, All The Weathers, Brutal Birthday



Hazel Anne, Hélice Island ; Helium Horse Fly, 208L Containers, Slag Queens, Onyx Collective, Cucina Povera, Le Villejuif Underground, The Shifters, Exit Group, Stratocastors, Carol, Halley DNA, Bruit Noir, Jac Berrocal, David Fenech & Vincent Epplay, Lena Hessels, All The Weathers, Marxbros, Lone, Gum Takes Tooth, Andrew Thomas Jacobs, Jay Mitta, Iv-An



Melatonine, Huffduff, Drool, Trigger Cut, Bruxa Maria, Lena Hessels, Burly, Thalia Zedek Band, Hitoshi Kojima, MZ 412, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, Vintage Crop, Close Reading, Italia 90, Jars, Ils, Author Of The Accident, Kaputt, Hélice Island, Dates, Slave Maker


red canal b

Ana Da Silva & Phew, Trombe, Louis Jucker, The Tunnel, Foxxes, Stuck, Tropical Trash, Acronym & Kali Malone, The Horrorist, lost System, Reptoid, YĪN YĪN, Khana Bierbood, Thalia Zedek Band, Red, Maria Violenza, Bruit Noir, Sexual Jeremy, Huffduff, Techno Thriller, No Heart Country



Princess Thailand, Deleter, Drool, Total Victory, Meat Wave, A-Lex, Cult Of The Damned, Mothers Dearest, Tree, MoE, Display Homes, Brain Cave, Mount Wycheproof, Chronophage, Consumer Electronics, Schwund, Helium Horse Fly, Victor Lovlorne, Gelbart