Kerozene://02/02/2023 « Kamyane Toi »

Tombouctou, Exhibit, Bruxa Maria, Dirt Pile, Badge Grabber, Long Hours, Billy Zach, Bo Gritz, Sam KDC & Flaminia, Ripit, Wirecutter, Bärlin, Magon, Wax Futures, Transmission, Catalogue, Soft Bodied Humans, Pure Adult, Bolzen, Oozing Wound, Splizz

Kerozene :// 26 Janvier 2023 « Oblast Toi De Là »

Koura, Risk Relay, Split Silk, The C.I.A, BZDET, Hands Up Who Wants To Die, Ama Say, Pozi, Brëche, Bomb Factory, Italia 90, Yo La tengo, Deathcrash, Pronostic Vital, Mistress Bomb H, Ægir, Pacific Yew, S.D.E Wasadi, Damien Hearse, Inksuit, Exhibit, Syndrome 81

Kerozene://12/01/2022 « Retrospektyva »

Naked Objects, Girls In Synthesis, All Structures Align, Easy Prey, Oiseaux-Tempête, Syndrome 81, NZE NZE, Nancy Mounir, Karl Kave, Tramhaus, //Less, Black Ox Orkestar, Danger Mouse & Black Thought, Duster, Norna, 208L Containers, Cursed Murphy Versus Resistance, Hammered Hulls, Meat Wave, Nerver, Coins Parallèles, Pinch Points, Sweaty Palms

PLAYLIST://05/01/2023 « Za nashoho druha »

Ashenspire, ON, Hammok, Tension Span, Body House, Dead Cross, Ecstatic Vision, Plague Pricks, Golden Psalms, Sea Moss, Baleful95, Sniff, Товарищ Астроном, Salvatore Mercatante, Manisdron, Rare Span, Private Lives, Lina Filipovich, Sclavos, And Then I Feel Nothing, Bruxa Maria, De Kif

PLAYLIST://29/12/2022 « Zahlo à Toi »

Radnik, Fragiles Figures, PolRity, Croptop, Displeasure, City Of Caterpillar, Urine Hell, Commodo, Rozwód, Partikul, Ambulanz, Sinking Suns, Asbestos Worker, Hot House, Svvine, PRISONNIER DU TEMPS, Träume, Cheval De Frise, Dalès, Model Citizen, Rubbing, Cadet, Hot Tubs Time Machine, Hammered Hulls

PLAYLIST://22/12/2022 « Khromove moi ou pas »

Frankie Traandruppel, Lassiters, People Look Like Dogs, Sheila, Danes, Belvoir, The Glass Beads, This Immortal Coil, Lostsoundbytes, Holy Water, Stress Palace, Ashenpsire, Iss, Public Display Of Affection, Sean Spada, Oset, Halina, Unhealing Wound, Colonial Wound, Stalled, Radiadores Viejos, Polke Dots, Ca/De/Na, Drastic//Automatic

PLAYLIST://15/12/2022 « Pisky tu nous le dit »

Prohibition Prohibition, The Psychotic Monks, W!zard, Tombouctou, Klubber Lang, Lana Del Rabies, Michele Mercure, ZDBT, Rural Internet, Piss For Pumkin, Shtëpi, Carla Dal Forno, Atom™, Hollowed, Desperate Living, Other Half, //Less, Backxwash, Eliott’s Garden, The Rabbit In Red, Novi Sad, G.L.U.E.

PLAYLIST://08/12/2022 « Sierverne moi d’abord »

Equal Parts, Neets, Dead Mammals, Cult Of Youth, Gen Pop, PH People, Trigger Cut, Can Kicker, Flogging A Dead One Horse Town, Thomas Poli, Trombe, Cave Deco, Ecstatic International, Feelin Bad, Sclavos, Queasy Pieces, Heimat, Assa Star, Persian Furs, CHRUCH, Règlement, Shove, Lebrique, Suir, The Silence

PLAYLIST://01/12/2022 « Opaka Ecouter Ça »

Lumer, King Orange, Fix Everything, Class, Kat Haus, Black Ox Orkestar, Liraz, Billy Zach, Wedding Songs, Yuh, Co-Op, François Merlin, Dim Garden, Cony Sey, Michel Cloup Duo & Pascal Bouaziz, Kilynn Lunsford, Grave Goods, Massirraytorr, Memes, Planet Asia & Nuglife, Grand Invincible, Michelle Gurevich, Nausia, Mistress Bomb H, Pretty Baby, Tempomat

PLAYLIST://24/11/2022 « Udy moi encore »

Cursed Murphy Versus Resistance, PLLY, Naked Objects, Rider/Horse, Desperate Living, Slumberland & Sainkho Namtchylak, Ništa Mars, No Tongues, Smirk, Dumb, Blacklisters, Vacuous, Crowd Of Chairs, Modecenter, Richard Dawson, Teeth, Leavings, Druids of the Gue Charette, Snake Chain, Gut Health, Novisti Kulturi